Bio Gasifiers

Bio Gasifiers are devices which convert living and dead organic matter treated normally as wastes into fuel for industrial use, to generate electricity or produce bio fuel. These sources are called biomass which may also include bio degradable wastes that can be burnt as fuel. It does not include the organic material which has been transformed by geological processes into substances like coal or petroleum.

As a fuel, using biomass has several advantages. It uses waste products at almost no cost. The sources are very easily reached and locally produced. Biomass can be used in high efficiency combined cycle plants with a proven technology. It is renewable and reduces green house gas emission.  Expensive liquid fuels are replaced by low cost solid fuels. To be calculative, the cost of replacing 1ltr of liquid fuel by the solid fuels works out to Rs. 5- 10 depending on the application type of fuel used for gasification. The combustion temperature is quite high and extremely fuel efficient. Moreover, there is less dirt left on the heat exchanging surface.

Biomass gasification is actually conversion of solid fuels like wood and its wastes, agricultural residues, into combustible gas mixture usually called Producer Gas. The gasifier is essentially a chemical reactor where various complex physical and chemical processes take place. Biomass gets heated, dried, pyrolysed, partially oxidized and reduced in this reactor as it flows through it. There are four distinct stages taking place in a gasifier : the first stage is that of drying the fuel; the second stage shows pyrolysis; this is followed by combustion and the final stage is reduction.

Feedstock involves wood, coconut shells, vegetable and fruit peelings and other agricultural wastes. These are carried off to the dumping grounds in the urban areas by the municipal corporation while in the rural belts they lie around openly and decompose. To harness this energy source not much effort is required. Solar power can utilize these organic wastes to produce fuel and converted into electricity or heat as required at a minimum cost.

Our Capabilities:

  • Modular Home System using kitchen waste as main input.
  • Community class systems using organic waste as key input.
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