Training, Consultancy and Capacity Building


Renewable energy technologies convert those source of primary energy such as wind and solar to energy forms that we can use readily, in the form of heat and electricity. There are various ways to convert primary energy forms into consumable forms of energy. We offer awareness programs to train common man regarding all the benefits of alternative energy. Electricity is perhaps the most precious form of energy, as it is most versatile in usage and is expensive to be used incessantly. These issues of electricity are of particular importance and can be addressed by sorting for an alternative resource.

Learning these systems and technologies is very helpful. Training includes hands-on technical materials, presentation slides, photos from actual project sites, and a discussion of community development issues with the technical team who work for it. The outcome provides extensive information for working on community-based renewable energy projects in developing countries as well as insight into how to get involved in renewable energy projects abroad with Greentech or with other organizations. The change can begin from home and be implemented on a large scale.

Our complete energy audit package enables us to balance energy usage to renewable energy and energy efficiency, includes consultancy, auditing and an energy efficiency ‘toolkit’ to deal with. A consultancy with Greentech personnel on-site includes understanding the design and technology of renewable energy systems, installation of solar equipment, association with NGOs for the noble cause.

Our Capabilities:

  • Goal setting, measurement and monitoring
  • Feasibility study
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Energy audit
  • Demand side management
  • ISO 14000 verification
  • Financial modeling
  • Funding facilitation
  • Information gathering
  • Trials and testing using measurement equipment
  • Continuous improvement modeling
  • Client-specific energy efficiency tools
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