Solar Photovoltaics

Solar Home Systems (SHS) are used where there is no electricity grid. You need a battery to ensure the availability of light at night or when it is dark. Lights, fans, and some times TV are the three basic needs of remote areas which can make good use of the SHS kit. For wider needs the kit obviously becomes more varied. A solar panel, a control unit, battery storage, cable and support structure comprises the kit.

The Stand Alone Power system has everything built into one. No electric connection is required. This solar electricity device can be installed very easily. A battery backup is needed to obtain an uninterrupted power supply. The inverter of this system works as the intelligence center of a renewable energy system, converting DC power to reliable AC electricity for your needs.

Solar water pumps are of great utility, working on solar PV system. Water pump sets of 1 -2HP can be run using this system. Lifting water from well from natural water beds after boring is possible. The only limitation is that the system has to be installed in a shadow free area. The most attractive aspect of this system is that it not only eliminates electricity usage but also fossil fuels and therefore is eco-friendly. Operation and maintenance are easy.

Some renowned mobile phone companies are making a beeline for filing patents in integrated solar cells to power their iPods and Androids with PV cells to various parts of their computers, display devices, input devices, and materials from which their logo is etched.

GreenTech has already introduced Small Form Factor (SFF) computers. Most SPC machines are based on the Common Building Block (CBB) and feature interchangeable components. CBB promotes standardization to enable organizations to maximize up time and minimize the total cost of PC ownership.

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