Solar Thermal


The technology in vogue in the present day scenario is Solar Thermal Energy (STE), traps solar energy for thermal appliances and is one of the least complicated processes in the field of renewable energy. STE is used for water heating, air heating in domestic and commercial sector. Mirrors and lenses are generally used for producing electric power. It is more efficient than photo-voltaic.

In many countries, around the globe, solar space heating with solar air heat collectors is gaining popularity by the day.

Drying wood, for construction, wood fuels such as wood chips for combustion, can be done using solar thermal energy. In order to dry fruits, grains and fish, solar thermal energy is also used which is environment friendly as well as cost effective while improving the quality. Drying up of biomass can be done using the same concept and technology.

Cooking, drying and pasteurization can also be done using solar cooker. It requires no fuel or fire wood. Naturally smoke emission is zero. The simplest type is similar to a box with a transparent lid. These cookers can be used effectively even under partially overcast skies and can reach temperatures of 50 to 100 degree Celsius.

Solar air-conditioning or cooling can be done using solar power through passive solar thermal energy conversion and PV conversion. STE is not used directly to create a cold environment instead solar building design aims at slowing the rate of heat transfer into a building in the summer and thus improving the removal of unwanted heat.

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