Mission and Vision


To make significant and positive contribution to the environment by achieving sustainable development.


To promote awareness among all sections of the society about the present energy insecurity our world is facing.

Educate people and mobilize them for good energy practices and help them think about conservation of energy.

With innovation at heart, we aim to consolidate our position in the renewable energy sector of India with new ideas, services and environment friendly technologies.

Perform research and development to integrate renewable energy systems into existing energy supply system technology.

To conduct demand-side management by:

  • Promotions and awareness programs in all sections of the society about the impending energy crisis.
  • Educating people and help them in framing programs in energy conservation in their own spheres of activity.
  • Aiming the consolidation of activities in the renewable energy sector and take it forward through sustained research in cost reduction.
  • Elevating the status of renewable energy and bring it at a competitive level with existing grid supply in the electricity sector.
  • Strengthening Demand Side Management activities through (i) adaption of specific target oriented programs in the industry sectors, (ii) flattening of the load curve by introducing innovative tariff structures, and (iii) routine energy audits in small and medium scale industries.
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