The research and development lab of GreenTech is continuously doing innovative research in the domain of system efficiency improvement, smart and intelligent devices, embedded systems and open source software for smart grid management.

What Kind of Work does GreenTech Do?

Technology development is the core area of GreenTech’s work. Engineers work together on activities aimed at solving the wide range of technical problems associated with commercialization of solar technology, including large-scale system tests and the development of advanced technologies, components, instrumentation, and systems analysis techniques. In addition to technology development, market development and building of awareness of the potential of concentrating solar technologies are key elements of the GreenTech program.

What are its Recent Achievements?

A few examples illustrate the range of work of GreenTech.

  • Development of a weather-proof Solar LED lantern promotes use in harsh weathers,demanding situations and risky environments.
  • Design and development of a powerful business PC which can run entirely on Solar energy.
  • Development of an Open Sourced Software which is collecting data about the reliability of electricity on the power grid using phasor measurement unit (PMU) devices. It subsequently aggregates info from multiple PMU devices, including voltage, current, frequency and location, using GPS, several thousand times a second.
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