Steps to go green

Kolkata, January 2011: Following the Indian tradition, Green Sustainable Technology Research Limited was inaugurated with breaking of coconut shell, but instead of lighting oil lamps, solar powered LED Diya lights were switched on.

A painting of the late Prof. R.K. De, a prolific artist and sculptor, depicting the destroyed earth and human beings looking at the sun, became the banner-speak of the inauguration program. The founder members as well the directors, Prof. Sujoy Basu, Mr. Amal Dey, Mr. Jayanta Naskar, Mr. Sanjiv De, Mr. Pradip Paul and Mr. Shantanu Som were present in the occasion.

“We are happy to announce that our prolonged mission has finally taken a shape”,  said Prof. Sujoy Basu. Referring to Prof. R.K. De’s painting, he added, “We all have to depend upon the Sun. We really do not have any option other than this”. Being an architect Mr. Sanjiv De commented, “In modern construction designs the environmental sustainability and energy efficient designing is very important.”

A solar power PC was also launched on this auspicious day. Mr. Amal Dey, Director, launched this project on harnessing Solar Power, suggesting utmost urgency to arrest carbon footprints on earth.

Mr. Jayanta Naskar suggested that non-conventional energy usage should be propagated with prime importance from the grass root level in order to live on a greener earth. Eminent personalities from the cross section of the society applauded the view points of the speakers with great enthusiasm.

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