The Company

Green Sustainable Technologies Research Limited (GreenTech) has been incorporated as a section 25 company under company’s act 1956, Government of India.

GreenTech is committed to the vision of sustainable development and protection of the environment through the seamless application of technology and research to promote the harmonious co-existence of man and nature.

GreenTech offers products, solutions and services in the domain of non-conventional energy, energy conservation and conservation of natural resources.

The Company’s Core Business Activities

  • Design, development and integration of energy systems in Solar-thermal, Solar Photo-voltaic and Bio-gas.
  • Carrying out extensive research in the areas of co-generation of alternative energy, smart devices with embedded systems, demand side management, software applications related to energy management and cleantech applications.
  • Engineering, procurement, construction, consultancy and maintenance services related to alternative   energy business.
  • Educating stakeholders through campaigns, seminars and training programs.
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